Bust queues in shops Bring on Wizcart

India's first patented self service check out app for retail markets..

How Wizcart Works

The Wizcart platform began as a pure self-scanning application and grew over time in response to the needs of merchants and customers. Now it includes a variety of capabilities designed to allow different retail formats to fully digitize their customer interactions.

The core platform involves an application for shoppers and a separate application for staff that mediates shopping, customer service, and promotions. The shopper application comes in two flavors: Universal, for use by multiple smaller retailers, and Private White-label, for larger brands.

Additional capabilities include product marketing, order-ahead counter service, and a special loss prevention system that is more secure than a standard checkout lane​.

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You can chose from a wide range of shops nearby and choose the following options.

  • Self checkout in the shop
  • Pick up from your favourite shop
  • delivery at your door steps

You can scan either using bar code or you can search using product name or you can also ask the store keeper to add it for you if you are facing difficulties in adding a product.

Add your favorite products , fast moving products , popular products and avail those discounts from wizcart using our vouchers.

You can pay using your card wallets or even cash and get your ebills flashed on to your phone. Lets save paper and make our environment more greener than before.

About Wizcart

Wizcart uses technology that brings the personalization and convenience of eCommerce shopping to physical stores. Wizcart.shop was conceived in 2016 by a bunch of creative thinkers who got together to make this retail dream a reality.

How Wizcart Works

What we do

Self-scanning and self-service checkout are taking the shopping world by storm. However, grocery remains a challenge as it is the most complex and technically challenging retail format to provide mobile self-scanning for. Wizcart app and solution provide specific capabilities to address these challenges


Connecting Shops ! Creating Smiles

We are the first to introduce self-service checkout apps for the retail market in India and we have a patent for our technology. When the shopper app is opened in a compatible store location, it provides an option to start shopping. Customers can add barcoded items by scanning and add non-coded items by lookup. The app keeps track of the pending purchases and shows a running total as well as relevant product recommendations. Customers can make the payment on their phone and complete their purchase without waiting in line or troubling the shop staff. The system is supported by loss prevention and customer service capabilities in the staff application.


We save paper for a better greener environment

    Our mission, in short, is

  • To make something that's customer centric - that improves people's shopping experience
  • To lower the cost of shopping for both customers and retailers
  • To work in a sustainable and ethical way
  • To engage openly with partners and do what we can to foster cooperation in the retail technology ecosystem and community
  • To allow retailers to keep pace and take advantage of changing technology
  • To continue improving, learning with every experience from the shoppers and retailers!

Taking offline shopping to a next level

Giving shoppers more control over the length of their trip to the store lets them get more time out of their day. Time is something precious that we can't buy and can never get back. Customers can get instant help through the app or reply to receipt emails with questions about a purchase - easier than tweeting the problem or filling out a paper card. Long waiting lines aren't fun - our solution helps free up that time for more shopping or living instead. With receipts organized in the app and copies emailed after every purchase, they're easy to store and share. (and greener) Smart recommendations appear when you scan items, often things you're already looking for and just in time to add them to your basket.

App for staff

Store staff can monitor and control platform activity via the web. The staff app provides realtime system status, customer history and tools for loss prevention, customer service, and marketing. Hierarchical accounts limit staff members' access to only what they need. The staff app can also be locked into specific modes to provide counter service fulfillment, kiosk ordering for customers, and checkout loss prevention.

Wizcart Capabilities

Mobile Self Scanning

Self-service checkout system enables shoppers to scan and buy products in-store with the shopper app, and much more.

Scannable Scales

Scannable scales allow shoppers to buy bulk items like fresh produce by weight.

Counter Service

Allows customers to order from service counter menus, both with and without the app, both in advance and in store.

Loss Prevention

Prevent abuse of self-scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.

Private White-label

Retailers can own the relationship and then install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.

Store Specials

The shopper app makes offers more visible, relevant, and timely.

Available on iOS and Android

Coming soon

App Screens

Wizcart app personalizes and makes shopping more convenient for customers with POS checkout on their own mobile device

Wizcart Benefits

By getting your app on your customer's phone you create a deeper connection, with more information and 2-way 24/7 access to grow your business over the long term. Use new data and insights about shopper behavior to tailor your offers, increasing redemption rates and making customers happier.Increase the convenience of in-person shopping to win back customers who've gone online. (Or offer eCommerce yourself).